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Maine LED Signs

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Almost every business industry is now getting saturated with competition. If you’re new to this ‘cold war’, you may find it tough to get some leverage. To better secure commercial success, seizing every advertising opportunity is a must. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in LED signs and making your business visible at any time of day.

custom lighted storefront signAxe Signs & Wayfinding is one of the most trusted names when it comes to designing, fabricating, and installing Maine LED signs. Regardless of what type of business you run or what industry you’re accounted for, our LED signs are proven to be beneficial in numerous ways.

Whether you own a start-up business or you’re already a seasoned entrepreneur, LED signs can always help improve your business’s bottom line. They will keep your business visible, whether it’s day or night, without making you worry about high energy consumption. Even better, both their purchase and maintenance costs are way less than other illuminated signage.

If you want some Maine LED signs as an alternative to neon or simply want to illuminate your sign with LED backlighting, Axe Signs & Wayfinding is well-equipped to give you a durable sign that will effectively highlight your brand and business offers.

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Indoor LED Signs

backlit lobby signThe effectiveness of LED signs for outdoor purposes is basically unquestionable. LED lighting will make your storefront more visible and lead your potential customers right to your doorstep no matter how bright or dark it is outside. However, indoor LED signs are also extremely beneficial when it comes to increasing average tickets and providing better customer experiences.

Maine LED signs are commonly utilized by retail outlets to encourage impulse sales among their customers. By displaying compelling, full-color graphics, they can highlight their special products or offers and urge the people to try them out.

Another use for indoor LED displays is for clear communication within movie theatres. They are utilized to display what particular movies are showing in each cinema at different times, conveniently leading their customers towards the appropriate room. Additionally, indoor LED signs are effective wayfinding tools. They can highlight your order and pick-up counters or lead guests to bathrooms and exit routes.

A lot more can be done with this type of signage. Whether you want to illuminate your signage lettering with LED lighting or you want to try on modern LED displays, our signage experts can help you achieve your specific branding or advertising goal.

Programmable LED Message Centers

lighted digital message center pole signIn running a business, you will always have a new product to advertise, a special event to promote, or business information or message to update. The problem is that investing in new signage every time the need arises can be inconvenient and expensive.

At Axe Signs & Wayfinding, we offer programmable LED message centers to help with this problem. With this type of signage, you can update your advertising or message details without having to pay for another signage installation.

These message centers are particularly beneficial for gas stations, movie theatres, or any other business that constantly changes its prices and actual offerings. They are also ideal for businesses that want to regularly connect with their customers with a simple message by their storefront or by the counters.

You can have our programmable LED message centers in various sizes and screen resolutions. Whether you want to use them indoor or outdoor, they are guaranteed to attract more customers and help increase your sales.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

lighted sign repair and installIf you’re looking for an all-around signage company that will give you an amazing customer experience, Axe Signs & Wayfinding is the right place to be. We have professional in-house designers, craftsmen, installers, and electrical engineers who will ensure that your Maine LED signs will look and function in the best way you want them to.

Our goal is to help every business—big or small—find the perfect LED sign that will fully address their marketing and messaging needs. This is done by beginning our process with free consultations that aim to understand our clients’ business personality and goals. After we have taken note of all essential details, the most efficient signage plan with then be made and proposed for the clients to change or approve.

With years of experience, innate skills, and top-of-the-line equipment, Axe Signs & Wayfinding can assure you that our LED signs will give your business its needed boost in visibility, marketing reach, and daily customer traffic. No matter what your budget is, we can work around it and use the most appropriate materials in realizing the best design to reach your goals.

Even better, we extend our professional services to maintaining your signage after our installers have systematically secured your business sign in its most strategic location.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Maine LED Signs Axe signs logo black 300x149LED signs are efficient both in energy consumption and maintenance cost. They also cost less due to their high demand and abundant resources. More importantly, they are durable, versatile, easy to install, and highly visible both day and night.

When it comes to maximizing your marketing opportunity and signage budget, investing in our LED signs is definitely one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make. We can even help you conceptualize your design and choose the most durable material, helping you gain more traction every day.

Call Axe Signs & Wayfinding at (207) 204-3319 for your Free Consultation with a Maine LED Sign expert!