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Maine Channel Letters


Compelling outdoor signs have a lot to do with leading your business to success. This is why dimensional and channel letters are among the top picks of business owners when it comes to high-impact signage that has a wider marketing reach.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignAxe Signs & Wayfinding has been serving in the sign-making industry long enough to acquire the best skillset in producing high-quality Maine channel letters. They are extremely flexibleโ€”able to take the shape of any letter, number, symbol, or logoโ€”and ideal for just about any type of business.

It wonโ€™t matter what industry your business is part of. As long as you have the desire to attract customers in a professional and creative way, Axe Signs & Wayfinding can provide you with the channel letters that will best address your marketing needs. We will even help you decide the most appropriate font, size, color, lighting method, and mounting style for your signage.

If you want a durable, cost-effective business sign, our channel letters are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We will even ensure that the final product will effectively adhere to your branding guidelines and will be appropriately built for the location where you want to install it.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignItโ€™s common knowledge that people always tend to judge based on what they see. If you want to instill a good impression on your potential customers, it is important to invest in attractive channel letters for your storefront.

By having them as the first thing that your target market can see, Maine channel letters can present your brand as a trusted and professional name in your certain field. You will also magnify your visibility with their highly customizable 3D appearance.

Since each element in this signage will be individually cut with a hollow space inside them, you can easily incorporate your chosen type of lighting and give more life to your storefront.

Once you decide on the final design of your signage, you can choose what style you want your sign to be installed. Directly mounted channel letters, as the name suggests, are installed directly onto your building. This is regarded as the more attractive style. However, the installation time and necessary penetrations are significantly reduced with raceway-mounted channel letters.

If you want to know the pros and cons of either style of installation, our signage experts will gladly give you a comprehensive rundown.

Storefront channel letters are good for any business, especially retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping centers, universities, government buildings, and other offices.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

A lot may confuse dimensional letters with channel letters, and it is easy to see why. Both types of signage come in versatile, three-dimensional forms that are similarly applicable for either indoor or outdoor uses. Their only major difference is that dimensional letters donโ€™t have hollow channels that accommodate inner lighting.

Apart from being completely solid, dimensional letters have as much functionality as channel letters. In fact, if you really want to illuminate them, you can use stainless steel and just add some LED backlighting. Utilizing translucent acrylic faces is also ideal if you want face-lit letters instead.

Like Maine channel letters, dimensional letters have innate flexibility that allows them to take the form of any letter, number, symbol, and logo that you need. You also have various material options that you can choose from, including acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, Cor-Ten steel, copper, stainless steel, metal, plastic, and foam.

Dimensional letters are perfect for businesses in any industry, including retail stores, manufacturing plants, gasoline stations, and office buildings. They can also be used as indoor signs, typically by the lobby or even along the hallways.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Due to their versatility, our Maine channel letters can fully represent any brand or business personality regardless of the industry. Some of our clients have businesses that operate at nighttime or even 24/7. If you own a similar establishment or you simply want to give your storefront an extra flare, our illuminated channel letters will be a worthwhile investment.

Although there are other available options, LED lighting is our most popular and recommended lighting method for its superior performance and numerous other benefits. Aside from having bright lights that can give you a striking storefront any time of the day, LED is also energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

Channel letters can be front-lit, backlit, or the combination of two methods. You can also choose to have either one or multiple colors in your lighting and achieve more eye-catching signage for your business.

Backlit channel letters are popular among nightclubs, bars, restaurants, gas stations, and other establishments that operate until late night. They are also applicable for any business that wants to gain as much traction as possible.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Maine Channel Letters Axe signs logo black 300x149For an eye-catching business sign that speaks professionalism and creativity at the same time, our dimensional and channel letters offer a sure-fire way of impressing your potential customers.

Available in a myriad of material options, fonts, sizes, shapes, colors, and lighting methods, these types of signage can only bring improvement to your visibility and average ticket. Combine this with our world-class craftsmanship, and youโ€™ll get a cost-effective way of building an unforgettable brand and a highly noticeable storefront.

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