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Successful business management involves constantly updating advertising methods for better traffic and revenues. Traditional signage and customer recommendations can’t be the only things you rely on. For a more timely approach, installing digital signs will be a worthwhile marketing project for your business.

Indoor Digital SignageAxe Signs & Wayfinding is a leading signage company known to provide high-standard Maine digital signs through a convenient, budget-friendly procedure. We offer a wide range of digital sign options to ensure that every client will find the perfect match for their business personality and needs.

Whether you want a simple digital poster or a rather more engaging interactive digital board, we have a complete list of products that can be tailored to address all of your advertising needs. You can also choose whether you want a freestanding display or have yours mounted on the ceiling instead.

Regardless of the style or installation method you prefer, rest assured that our experienced designers, manufacturers, and installers will meticulously bring your dream signage into reality. Every detail will be of high quality, and you will reach your marketing goals in a timely, cost-effective way.

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

custom digital electronic signSignage is an integral part of every business’s advertising scheme. However, no traditional signage can be used for a long time since they eventually have to be replaced to give way for a new advertising message.

This is where our Maine digital signs can truly outshine other signage types.
By installing digital signage, you can easily reach potential customers with an attractive, dynamic display of your advertising message. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about replacing your signage once you have a new product, service, or updated price to inform people about. All you need is your computer, and you can change your advertising message anytime you need to.

Additionally, advertising is not the sole purpose of digital signs. Their benefits extend to providing valuable information like directories, wayfinding details, or QR codes, among many others.

Communication with your employees, customers, and guests is also made easy with the display options available with digital signs. You can choose to display texts, images, or videos depending on your messaging goals and target audience. Interactive digital signs are also available, allowing customers to enter information, check more options, and control what the screen shows.

Whether for outdoor or indoor use, trust that our high-quality digital signs will give you the traction you are aiming for. Utilize technology’s gift and see how your bottom line can improve with digital signage today!

Outdoor Digital Displays

lighted digital message center pole signHigh-quality outdoor signs can increase the visibility, traffic, and average ticket of any business. With outdoor digital displays, all the benefits of traditional outdoor signs can even be doubled!

Available in either LED or LCD screens, our Maine digital signs at Axe Signs & Wayfinding will give your storefront an even more eye-catching transformation. Although both screens will let you stream and display high-quality videos and images, we mostly recommend LED screens for their cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Outdoor digital displays are commonly utilized for advertising products and services as well as special promos and events. However, they are also as effective in communicating real-time information to the public. They can project attractive displays showing various information like updated weather forecasts, transportation schedules, wayfinding details, and close-up events coverage.

Installing interactive outdoor displays is gradually becoming more popular these days as well. Since public contacts are limited, these interactive displays can benefit the food industry, for example, by reducing necessary interaction through letting people order food or reserve a table before entering their facility.

Indoor Digital Displays

custom digital menu board

Installing digital displays inside your building will also improve your messaging performance. Whether for advertising or mere informational purposes, indoor digital displays are worthwhile investments.

For one, they are particularly helpful in encouraging impulse sales within retail outlets. Indoor digital signs offer a much more dynamic and compelling display that urges people to try the highlighted product. Usually located near check-out lanes, these signs can definitely up a business’s average sales.

Apart from retail stores, other businesses can have numerous benefits from indoor digital signs as well. They can be utilized as interactive menu boards or digital posters within restaurants and other food outlets. Clinics and other professional service providers can also use them for entertainment purposes in their lobbies or waiting rooms.

Companies, on the other hand, will find indoor digital displays as effective tools for communicating with their employees and guests. They can provide information like directories, maps, and even room labels. If you want, they can also be used to celebrate company milestones or to give motivation to your employees.

Other establishments can also utilize them for safety warnings and other valuable information that will promote a better working environment for everyone.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom lighted digital message board pole signWhen it comes to producing high-quality signage, Axe Signs & Wayfinding is the one-stop company you’re looking for. We cater to all of your signage needs, from designing to manufacturing and installation. Our team will even render maintenance services if necessary.

Our goal is to help every business achieve great advertising results without going beyond their budget. Our Maine digital signs are among our most frequented products that helped provide these amazing results to many of our clients.

Backed with extensive experience and world-class equipment, we provide digital signs that are crafted from premium materials by no less than professional signage makers. We uphold the highest industry standards in all of our work as well as our creative criteria. We will help you achieve truly unique signage that will set your business apart from your competition.

If you have any questions about the pros and cons of installing digital signs or you’re not sure about the specifics of your signage, our team will gladly help.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Maine Digital Signs Axe signs logo black 300x149Looking for innovative ways to increase your daily traffic and average ticket is a must for every business manager.

By utilizing digital signs in your advertising efforts, you are not only providing people with better visuals and much more compelling messages. More importantly, you’re telling your target market that you are dedicated to providing them with the best products and services by keeping up with what’s relevant in today’s market.

If you want to gain more traction while saving on constant signage replacements, take advantage of modern advancements and start planning for your digital sign installation today!

Call Axe Signs & Wayfinding today at (207) 204-3319 for your Free Consultation with a Maine Digital Sign expert!